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AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence.

This web site is a community wiki to capture AGI related content including

  • indexing Projects, Companies, organizations?, People, web sites, etc.
  • collecting views, roadmaps, requirements, reading lists, etc.
  • providing a "sticky" place for the useful information that otherwise "rolls off" AGI discussion groups, irc channels and blogs

The wiki is driven by an informal group of peers with a strong interest in AGI. We are not a formal organization nor a specific software project. Therefore, members from such organizations and projects are welcome to contribute content here while maintaining respect for others.

Last updates of the site :

We (still) need a logo!

Look at that awful flashing brain logo in the upper left hand corner! Now dab the blood from your eyes and go to Proposed Logos where you can add a link to a new logo that you propose we use. We need your help.


This wiki was conceived and created in early 2010 to provide a non-live support for discussions emerged from ##AGI on Freenode (read our logs)

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